Spitzer Ford Ashtabula OH


Complaint: We went to Spitzer Ford to look for our first vehicle, when we found one that we really liked we went through the finance process. They asked us if we wanted an extended warranty and we asked how much it would cost ($1800.00) so we turned it down not being able to afford that. We took the truck home and after one day I started smelling oil burning. I took the truck back to Spitzer to look at the problem, they informed me that the valve covers needed replaced and that would cost 900.00. I in turn through a fit telling them that I purchased the truck a day ago and that they should fix the problem, the service guy looked at me and said “you should have bought the warranty””. I took the truck home and took it to another mechanic and the only problem was that the bolts were loose and needed tightened. We have had the truck 3 1/2 years and have not had a problem with the valve covers since then. Nice try Spitzer!”

Tags: Auto Dealer Repairs

Address: Mentor, OH Mentor, Ohio U.S.A.



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