Spradley/Barr Ford, Inc. Review


I called them to get a quote on the regen and the service adviser (Thyronne Whitman) told me the inspection fee is $120 at most, and regeneration would be the another $200. During the cleaning DPF then I was sent another quote on “changing oil/filter, pinnion seals, throttle pedal assy for additional $1500. I let them work on the priority which is regen exhaust and I asked him what might be related with that problem. He was still pushing me to fix all the other problems, as well. Afterward, they did change only pedal assy and oil/filter with the cost of $700. After couple of days I received another call saying cyclender 5 injector needed to be replaced. I told him I had already checked the injectors from two shops and what they told me they looked good. He went like the truck has a problem with the fuel injector, and the white smoke would be gone after they fix the injector. and said my truck won’t white smoke anymore. That was pretty pricey, tho (additional $1000 for only one injector). By the time, I realized they had almost tripled the price on parts. OEM Factory Pedal Assy: 70 (online); their price $170. Double the fee on labor without any specific explanation on the receipt. They quoted me on the phone $1700 and when I stopped by to pick up my truck, the price jumped up to $1978. It seems like they don’t really have a fixed price for any kinda parts or labor. Then I got my truck back after two weeks, and nothing was changed, White exhaust smoke problem was still causing not to regen and cause the check engine light back on within 20 miles. I talked to service department coordinator and he said “this is not a large bill, you have to pay it no matter if your truck is fixed or not.” And the worst thing they were not willing to help me to solve that problem. I feel like they misdiagnose the truck and replace unnecessary parts and have me paid twice!!! Because I initially knew the problem was with DPF and either the filter needed to be cleaned or replaced. .

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