Springleaf Finance Corporation Review


I received a letter from OneMain. lending made personal (Springleaf financial services) saying, “You could receive a secured auto loan ofr refinance or bill consolidation from $6,000 to $25,000 and make no payments until January.1 | Even better, you could borrow up to 130% of your car’s value! | I applied for $15,000 to conslodate loan. | But it says, “Congratulations! You’re Aprroved for a Vehicle Secured Loan You’re apporved for a secured loan up to $4,000!* | My hopes was up. Maybe I could get a loan to payoff my medical bills, credit cards and get my car serviced. But not potatoes. I was turned down after talking with the person at 2972 South Chase ave. Milwaukee, WI. 53207. | They have given me false hopes. Misleading advertising. And I’m not a happy camper. They should have know if I was not qualifted to get a loan they should not send a letter about refinancing a loan. They should know better.


  • Name: Springleaf Finance Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Evansville
  • Address: 601 NW Second St.
  • Phone: 1-812-461-2507
  • Website: www.springleaf.com/

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