Square Yards Consulting Complaint


Date: 4/4/15 I booked a flat in urban greek from antriksh builder in New delhi zone L in April 2015. As per the sales person from Square Yards (Deepanshu Chhabra) the flat was suppose to complete by end of 2017. Today its been more than 3 years and the builder has not even start the construction. I have been following up with Square Yards as I dont have direct contact to the builder, they are asking me to wait and invest with them in other project (thinking they can trick me again). Basically Square Yards is a retail agent they are selling whatever is there in real estate market, they don’t check the credibility of the builder, no due diligence from there end and they mostly target NRI customers because they can’t check the ground situation immediately and the time when they travel to India and see the reality its totally different. Please stay away from Square Yards guys because there is no point in buying through them the rates are cheaper if you directly buy from builder or local agent in India. You can get the updates from builder much easier. After doing the sales no one from Square Yards will update you, even week some new sales agent will call you and try to sell you some other bundle project at higher rates. Will never deal with Square Yards again and will never recommend.

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