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Here is what our counsel has learned about john manno. He is a master of corporate veiling and his mentor is asset protection. He has multiple bank accounts, 20 or 30 llc’s, corporations, family trusts. Each one of the llc’s is a manager of one llc or many llc’s in various states. He has multiple judgement against him in california Orange county), washington and florida. You can public records request in every state he practices real estate and get a copy of the judgements if you have the county. He has another judgement in florida in october 2017 . Consequently, when you hire your attorney to get a judgement against him, get in line. There are several now against him. He doesn’t care how many he has. John manno owns nothing in his name and continues to not pay his brokers for some lame excuse. As others have mentioned on the outscam a complaint to dept of real estate or other authority is useless. With a public records request you can get multiple complaints from department of licensing, which we have multiple in possession. However you can tell department of licencing that he has fraud judgements and they will want to see them. Upon managing broker renewal of their licence he is asked if there have been judgements on the online renewal application. Oddly, john has never checked that box. At minimum it is likely you could get his license removed from every state he practices real estate. | Additionally, his brother tim has been part of a ponzi scheme. | www.Justice.Gov/archive/tax/usaopress/2005/txdv05011.Html tim works with john and i wonder where the hundreds of thousands of dollars john has not paid his brokers have gone. Follow the money trail. What real estate do they own in an llc. Surely they have paid a public utility bill when it was vacant? Public record. | We are in the process of gathering signed letters 10 to 15 victims of this man. He can’t hide behind his llc’s forever but it needs to come from the fbi. Contact the attorney. | Collectively, we can work together and justice will prevail.


  • Name: SRG Realty
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Spring
  • Address: 2818 Del Mar Terrace
  • Phone: (888) 774 1198
  • Website:

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