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Complaint: Yes they made fun of the system…..first they took money from all customers by doing booking in time recession. They took 8-10 lacs per customer. And kept that money for 2-3 yrs. after that when market got up, they alloted few houses to customer and told rest to take their money back. Later many took their money, but few fought with them and later got their allotment. As company’s aim was to sell property at higher rate once customer withdraw their money. Rajesh singla is such a scammaster, he talks soft and is master of playing with hard earned money of customers. They are master in fooling their customer. For few lacs Rajesh can show his real colors. He got no ethics to support his designation. No one wants to do business with this organisation as they have no commitments of words. Still I doubt fate of India…this company got listed on stock exchange. Now they will play with public money. chk these urls and plite of customers of this organisation:

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Address: SRS Multiplex, Top Floor, faridabad, Sector 12, Internet United States of America


Phone: 0129 – 4282801 – 08

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