SST TOURS Bradley Illinois Review


I have done an Ireland, Rhine Cruise Trip and California Trip with SST and they were so nice to work with and I had 40 plus people on these trips. Then I booked a Danube Cruise and Oliver came and gave a presentation to the 25 who were there and said he would hold the space and they would only need to pay $200 per person and if the trip didn’t go they would receive a refund. I had 4 people sign up that night which is very unusal because I always have at least 15-20 sign up right away. I sent emails out regularly to my list, announced on all my one day trips, put flyers up and different places and could not get more to sign up. I told him I wanted to cancel and he told me I didn’t try to promote it and they could still go. My travelers do not want to go unless my husband and I go and he knew this and he had said we could cancel but then he said he didn’t say that and that part wasn’t in the contract. I have done group travel for over 38 years and have never had a company do this to me. He told me SST would pay for the ad in the paper which I paid $106 for and they would pay me for the refreshments which were only $18.13 and they refused to send me a check. I wrote several emails and Oliver kept blaming me for not advertising. Tlhe one couple wrote visa not to pay the $400 but some how SST got them to pay it and they did not receive their service. We reimbursed them ourselves (as they are very good travelers and we didn’t want them to not have trust in us) so we lost $518.13. I saw in their review they treated someone bad on a Greece trip and I had wrote a review but it never got posted. I just think it is very unfair that they did not send me the $124.13 as it was in his email and why they would not return the $400 to the people. He then sent out a new brochure to the couple at a lesser cost but the two men who signed up with me had to pay the original price. He did not give them the lesser cost which I couldn’t believe. He gave me no commission for the two that went. I wish something could be done to companies that treat their good customers like this.

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