St. Joseph’s Hospital Review


I was admitted to the St Joseph’s Hospital ER in TAMPA FL.several months ago suffering from a stroke. i was treated and given several tests. The stroke was caught early enough so that I suffered no muscular damage but my speech was affected. While still recovering – I was suddenly ordered to be taken to some nursing home for some sort of further treatment. | I asked for any further treatment to be done at the hospital – and then the the insanity started. I refused to be sent to some dingy rat hole and was forced BY PHYSICAL VIOLENCE – Bound up like a mad dog in the street – treated roughly and bruised up by several EMS and security thugs like a criminal – tied up with restraints – all the while i was begging these criminals NOT To do this to me. It was like a bad dream – I WAS BEING KIDNAPPED AGAINST MY WILL – and was taken to was a nightmare right out of a Steven King horror movie. By the grace of God a loyal friend rescued me took me out of that AWFUL HORRIBLE place. | Medical statistics state that I was placed in danger of my life by this criminal insane action. I was 60% probability to have another stroke caused by the fear and stress of that terrifying experience. It seemed like there was a some sort of kick back payment – for delivering me into the hands of these monsters – like ‘bounty’. The humiliation I suffered while I was there was off the scale. I was left all night shivering from the cold with no blanked and was refused the use of the toilet and much more. | I could have DIED because of the violent way i was treated. I would rather die than ever be again forced to endure the fear and criminal injustice i suffered at St Joseph Hospital. I am a life long resident of Tampa – a former Green Beret paratroop commander – former areo-space physicist engineer – former Vice consul to Costa Rica – never committed a crime or been accused of such and my family and i are in the historical compendium, PIONEER FLORIDA. | This crime has never seen justice and I would welcome any members of the press to contact me to learn THE TRUTH of the crimes committed against me – a partially disabled 80 year old Grandfather. 813-2430588 | PLEASE NOTE : I WILL USE ALL CAPS AS ICANNOT CHANGE THE TINY TEXT SIZE. | THIS HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WAS NOT SO MUCH A ‘RIP-OFF’ AS IT WAS A SERIOUS CRIME. AS A RECOVERING STROKE PATIENT – I WAS TREATED WITH PHYSICAL VIOLENCE – BEAT DOWN IN A HOSPITAL BED AND TIED UP. A REOCCURING STROKE WOULD HAVE PROBABLY KILLED ME. AS BIZARRE AS IT SEEMS – THERE IS NO AGENCY THAT WILL INVESTIGATE THIS HORRIBLE CRIME. I CONTACTED FBI – HERIFF- LOCL POLICE – ELDERCARE TV STATIONS AND MANY MORE SO-CALLED ADVOATES. ALL OF THEM EITHER TOTALLY IGNORED ME OPR BLEW ME OFF


  • Name: St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Tampa
  • Address: 3001 W Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd
  • Phone: 813-870-4000
  • Website:

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