Stacey Clough – Chestertown, Maryland Maryland


Unfortunately I dated this girl for 2 years. Biggest mistake of my life. She cheated the entire relationship and lied right to my face about it! She sent sexual messages to multiple men during our relationship, ones she worked with as well. She once invited the very guy she was sleeping with David Pratt (who was expecting a baby with his girlfriend at the time) to come have lunch with us together. The entire time she and him giggled laughed and joked right in front of me. Eventually I let that go. Later on I decided that I was not ready to propose to her like she wanted, instead I lied to her and told her I had a ring (one I never actually purchased) so she’d get off my back and stop hounding me. When she learned I didn’t want to marry her (which was due to her multiple male friends texting her-with a lock on her phone) we split for the night. She went to a bar with a guy then brought him home slept with him then eventually a few weeks later told me he raped her. Mind you this same guy had time to put a condom on and she even allowed him to still spend the night and sleep in her bed! || I believed her so took her back, then later found out when she left her messages out and open that she had been talking to multiple guys , she preferred African American men, but even offered every single one of these guys sex and her nasty ass spaghetti the only thing she knew how to make. She literally went down the list saying the same thing to every male on her friends list. After learning she had actually been with over 100 men I was disgusted and finally left. She had a mental breakdown when I refused to come back. She put me through allegations of abuse which I have never done ever and a nasty custody battle. She broke into my car while j was working and left a pathetic love letter on how we could get through this and work it out! Lucky for me i made out. I met a sexy 23 year old who caters to me every night,cooks, cleans and fucks! No games all love. I wifed her in 8 months and we are now 3 years strong with our first beautiful baby girl!! Thank you so muc h for opening my eyes up to the good things in life!!

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