Stacey Horton – Decatur, South Carolina South Carolina


This awful person was not only Perdue I g my husband, who is a city Police Officer, but was also having sex with 3 others at the same time. Needless to say if she never would have worked as a 911 dispatcher he never would have meet her. My mothers was very sick at the time and that matter none to her. She is now engaged to another police SGT for the same department. From my understanding one of the other officers that she was sleeping with, well she is now harassing his wife to no end. She has caused the woman so much grief even though her and her husband are working on things. I dispose her as a person, not just because she slept with my husband but because she has no boundaries as what she will do. People like her will have a miserable life! Bless her fiancÚ cause she is still cheating on him!

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