Stacey Parker (Zoey) – Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa


My friend is pregnant with her ex fiance’s child. The only problem this bitch causes them to fight because my friend wants her to have nothing to do with their child because she has a record and they’ve only been together maybe a month and a half! Her ex fiance now treats my friend like shit because of this girl and she’s been nothing but tolerant! My friend even let them sleep in her bed because they both were homeless! My friend has helped her ex fiance out after he lost his job and was nothing but nice to him. She still loves him to death and they’re expecting a baby girl in December.. But the way he treats her because of this girl isn’t right and she needs to be knocked down a few. Hes brought my friend to tears with the horrible shit he’s said to her and she’s almost 9 months pregnant. Beware this dumb bitch is crazy!

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