Stacey Rogers – Rancho Cucamonga, California California


This whore was married to a man for 17 years, got bored, and started trolling for new dick (and let’s face it, most of the people on those dating websites are married and bored). Well, she landed this guy (in the photo with her) and he was married as well for over a decade. They each filed for divorce from their spouses and, no lie, 4 MONTHS after finalizing her divorce from a 17 year marriage she jumps into a new marriage with this guy. Even more dreadful, the guys ex-wife is now deceased (she died from cancer. Like he couldn’t even wait for his spouse to die before nabbing Stacey’s bulldozer pussy? What happened to death do you part?). This woman quit her job after marrying this guy and now sits on her fat ass at home and spreads her legs to God knows who while her new husband is at work. She is eager to hop on married dick. Even when one of her sons had a potential diagnosis of Bell’s palsy, she was too busy fucking around. Her other son was struggling and falling behind in school, and you guessed it, Stacey was too busy slobbing on knobs to give a fuck about him. Not only is she a whore but she is a shit mother too. These two deserve each other, both are homewreckers, and how they get each other is how you lose each other, right? It will happen. Stacey’s wide and rank pussy needs constant filling. Whose marriage is next?

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