Stacy Mullenix (Duskey) – Terre Haute, Indiana Indiana


2nd husband in 2 years after affair with my husband. This girl is from Marrietta, OH but has since moved to Indiana. She was Stacy Duskey, Stacy Goodpastor and now Stacy Mullenix. Hubby claims after having to drive to an out of state hotel which brought back bad memories from his past he just needed a drink and when he got there, the only place open was a strip club. This of course ended badly as she apparently worked her homewrecking magic and had him take her back to his hotel. He claims it was a one night stand that got out of control, and never intended this to happen. For some reason he kept the relationship going and she kept asking for more, giving him reasons to send money telling him about how tough her life was yada yada. When he told her it was over and he wanted to work things out with the family she tried to hang on. We suspended the phone he gave her to use from our account and we asked for it back which she ended up refusing to return always giving a reason why she could not do it. She kept saying I was a bad wife because I was making him stay in a relationship he did not want, which was untrue. I have heard from posts on her sister’s page (they no longer talk) that this is very common for her to sleep with attached men till she takes all they have financially and or ruins their relationships. Just recently I found out she actually had her children taken away from her by the courts for at least 6-months.

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