Stacy Simpson – Troutdale, Oregon Oregon


I invited this woman into my home because her ex was a couple worker of my husbands… she was the assistant manager at my best friends apartment complex… she said because of her ex she had a social anxiety and had trouble making friends… was going through depression and having trouble controlling her kids… so I invited her in… befriended her, tried to help her with her kids who I grew to love!!! I started to notice my husbands friendship with her… it made me uncomfortable, but I trusted him… he started making excuses to see her… so I asked her if she noticed giving the benefit of the doubt… they began doing activities I couldn’t do together with the kids… he began taking long walks… he grew more distant and irritable and she found more reasons to come to my house… I finally pulled his cell phone logs… 20 pages of text messaging logs to her… 1 page to me… I confronted her… they Facebook messaged and he reassured her that everything would be okay… he is with her… she acted like my friend to gain more access to mu husband… Ladies watch your husbands if you plan on renting at Troutdale Terrace Apartments

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