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My name is Scotty Bond and I have a story that I would like for ya’ll to report on and shed some light to the community about. The company named Stafford Construction in Hattiesburg, MS. They are a HORRIBLE company to have to deal with. We found a house in Purvis that we decided to rent from them, we paid our deposit and first months rent in April, 2013 and they said that they were going to come in within a week and put gravel in the driveway because it was pure mud, replace the tub, replace the sinking in spots in the bathroom, replace the flooring in the bathroom, replace living room windows, fix the window in the door, etc. (We also had to go in and scrub the whole place down because it was so filthy).They waited three weeks to come and rip out the tub (the day that we came home with our newborn daughter), the left us without a tub period for two days, they riped out SECTIONS of the falling in floor and put down a thin piece of plywood in chunks (which in a couple of weeks it was sinking in again), they didn’t put down base boards and they halfway put down the flooring with about 5 inches from the flooring to the wall that had no flooring on it. When they put the new tub in they only halfway patched, caulked, and sanded what needed to be done. Where they caulked the tub, it started falling out in chunks because they did it so pourly. When we called about the flooring being put down poorly, they came and put a roll of lenolium in the laundry room and that’s where it sat for another month and a half until we had to call complaining about that. It took them 2 more weeks to come back to do the windows (again, newborn daughter), they made a huge mess in the living room and left it all over the floor, they caulked around the window in the door even though the window CLEARLY didn’t fit, we did not get the gravel in the driveway for several more months even though we called about it regularly (eventually having to take pictures and send them to them) and then it was the wrong kind of gravel so the cars were still sinking down (we had to push the cars out several times). During that time we discovered that our doors were not closing properly. The one in the living room we had to slam to get it even close to shutting, the carport door would come open on its own because they had stripped the screws out of the door, and the back door didn’t have a normal lock, it was closed by a latch on the inside and to latch it we had to lay on the door for it to shut, So we called them and they came and measured for new doors. We NEVER got them. There was black mold in the bathroom and in the closet in one of the bedrooms that kept our newborn sick. When we called about the mold they called someone to come paint over it. Seriously? That was supposed to keep away mold? nope. didn’t work. That was their solution. So we had to come to the decision that we had to get out of there, but we couldn’t until the lease was up. When we did finally leave, they would only give us $350 of the $500 deposit back because they “needed” to paint. When they cut us the check for the $350 they printed it incorrectly so it could not be cashed. I put it in my pocket and accidently washed it before I could take it back to them. I did however give them the remains of the check. On that Monday they said that they would hold out a stop payment fee for that check and cut us another one and it would be ready that Thursday (After several calls about it), it wasn’t ready Thursday nor Friday when I went to pick it up. They said a new girl was doing it and that they would have it ready Friday afternoon and it would be put in the mail that day. We waited for it and waited for it. We called Tuesday because we still had not received it and they told me and my fiancÚ both that they could guarantee that it was mailed Friday afternoon. So Thursday I call Back and an older woman said that she carried it to the post office herself Tuesday. (Keep in mind they said it had went out the previous Friday). A week later and we still have not received the check…. They are liers, they will do anything to pinch a penny and get out of refunding your money, and they are a pitiful excuse for a business. .

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