Stage 3 Alpha hoosick falls New York


Complaint: In 2013, stage 3 alpha appeared online,with the owner hiding his identity,& only calling himself exogen! His field of expertise claims to be foreign currency investments! Highly speculative,& very risky,also very illegal! Exogen recruited people to his member only group,& once a member in this very secretive cult,you get called by a unique name so nobody knows who you are. In my 2 years as a member,I was constantly exposed to unbelievable money making scams,or so called once in a lifetime opportunities in the foreign currency market. I invested several thousand dollars in foreign currency with the 100% guarantee by exogen that I would become an overnite millionaire when these currencies revalued! The Iraq Dinar,& the Vietnam Dong are the 2 scam currencies that are currently worth about 1 penny to 1 us dollar! Exogen claims daily in his online cult group that today or tomorrow these currencies are going to change in value,& every one will be an overnite millionaire! Well it is 2 years of his daily bs claims,& many people have lost everything due to this man’s predictions! He is not the only guru on the internet,but he is the most famous! His website stage3alpha is in the top 100 sites on google! How much money do you think he is making from the ads on his site alone? He also earns commissions off of sales from foreign currency dealers that he sends you to. The newest scam currency that I was told to invest in was the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion dollar notes.Available on ebay or amazon,he claims when these revalue,they are going to remove 6 zeros,then the remaining bill will be a 100,000,000 note worth 10 cents per zim,making this one bill worth ten million dollars! Can you believe this bs that is being sold by this guy! Not only should he be in prison,but he should be made to repay all the money that has been lost to people who followed his investment advice! I believe it is illegal to make claims of how much a currency is going to be worth! I could write another page about this guy,but I think you understand what he is doing!

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

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