Stanislaus County Child Support Div. Scottsdale Arizona


Complaint: stanislaus county child support division has filed against me claiming i owe child support for my 3 children i have given all evidence to prove my case per their request school records medical records letters from friends and family as well as teacher. i have filed for court hearing and have been denied on every account due to the fact they state i was served in stanilaus county in 2003 and signed the document this is not possible as i was in the state of arizona working the day supposidly served they have siezed my bank account and has taken wages as well as my unenployement bennifits leaving me with no income the arizona child support division had corresponed with the stanislaus county division to notify that their findings proved i do not owe any child support and that they will be auditing them to see where the funds are going the courts said on a telephonic hearing that they have no jurisdiction to file an audit and was then sent back to stanislaus county and as of today i am still being charged for interest and support for 3 adult children

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