Stanley Warranty Cottontown Tennessee Review


In Febuary we were looking at getting new home warranty for our home, we ran across stanley warranty. We got a hold of them and Paid $350 for awhole year to cover just our hot water heater and our central heat and air. Havent filled a claim with them till Sunday October the 12th 2014. We couldnt get anyone one to answer the phone, but was able to comunicate with someone though email. We filed our claim online. Monday morning we geta call from someone named Tervor. After talking with him, he said we will recieve a call from him no later then tuesday morning first thing. Well wouldnt you know it. No call from Trevor. We begin calling him. At thi point he calls us back and threatens us, says that if we dont stop calling, he will make us wait till next week to get or water heater fixed. He finally calls us back again to inform us that someone would eb ot today 10/15/2014 and that we will have to pay $50 deductiable. The plumber get here and determine that we need a new hot water heater. That we would have to pay $800 and then be reimbursed $250 by 11/15/2014. Im our contract is states that they would replace the hot water heater and they are not doing this. After hours of arguring with them, i dont them that my attorney will be in cotact with them. Now they are treating to sue me for telling tem that.. It has been a nightmare with these people. Now we are having to replace our hot water heater out of or own pockets. This company is a fraud and scam. Please do not get caught up with them. They are a bunch of idiots and ave no idea what they are talking about!

560 Sylvan Avenue suite 3032 Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey USA


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