Starkville Housing Authority Review


In September 2015 I had rode to Starkville, MS to find Starkville Housing Authority Apartments in Starkville, MS. I had found it. I went it to get an apartment application. I went outside to the car to fill it out. I handed the application back to her along with my photo i.d., birth certificate, & I think my S.S.I. award letter. | I did not have a copy of my social security card, so she handed me back the application & told me that she cannot accept it. I had asked her could I mail it in. She had responded to me & said yes. By 01/2016 I had mailed it all in. I had called her to ask her did she receive it. She said yes that they had received it & they have a 2 year waiting list. | I had been consistently calling her since 2015 about the status of my application. She had consistently told me these things: they have a long waiting list; a lot of other people have applied before me & is way ahead of me; they do not go by #s; when I get in the top 10 they will start calling me & interviewing me; to keep my phone #, address, & income information updated; & that people who live in the one bedroom & 2 bedroom apartments have been living there for years & is not moving out. | I had told her over the years that I was on S.S.I. I just called her today on 12/27/2019. She told me that she had been sending out updated information for different applicants to fill out if they want to remain on the waiting list. I filled them out & sent them in when she had sent me one in 2018 & this year in July of 2019. | She had seen when I had sent it in in 2018 when I had called her last year. She just told me today on 12/27/19 that she seen where I had sent it in July 2019 too. She said that I had checked no when I said that I unemployed & should have put that I am on S.S.I. She said that one period of time they had plenty of one bedrooms available. | She probably came across my name but looked over me without calling me & getting in contact with me via postal mail since it said that I am not employed. All she had to do was simply call me & mail me a letter. I have always keep my cellphone #s, house phone #s, & physical/ mail addresses updated with them. I was consistently calling her back to back since 2015 & one period of time in 2017 was calling them monthly. | I know that I have at least told them & maybe even showed them at least once that I get S.S.I. How I know that I did is because every apartment complex that I was applying to back then I always gave a copy of my: social security card, photo i.d., proof of income (S.S.I. award letter), & birth certificate. | It is obvious that she had never meant for me to move there, which was wrong. I should have realized that red flag about her in the beginning when I first went to get an apartment application in September 2015.


  • Name: Starkville Housing Authority
  • Country: United States
  • State: Mississippi
  • City: Starkville
  • Address: 101 W Wood St
  • Phone: 6623235536
  • Website:

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