State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Review


Have been a customer for over 25 years. I insured both my autos and home with them plus I had life insuarance with them. I was notified this week that my auto policy will not be renewed effective February 25, 2020. The reason they lsited was due to the number of claims. I was invloved in an at fault accident on 12-05-2019. Prior to that my wife and I have not an at fault accident in over 20 years. | The letter list two accidents. One in 2018 and one in 2019. There was no claim for the accident in 2018 under my policy. My son has his own policy. This was a claim that he filed under his policy. They are saying because I cosigned for my son, that is counted against me. My wife was informed by the agent that they will be dropping my son when his policy is up for renewal. | I was told by the gaent that I had accident for giveness under my policy. I feel that State Fram is unfairly combining these policy together in order to drop coverage on my automobiles. | Because they don’t won’t my business, I will be dropping my hgomeowners insurance and life insurance policy and taking my business to someone that wants it. I know they collected more in premuims then they ever payed out in claims in all my years of doing business with them. By the way the agent tried to talk my wife from not canceling the life insurance policy and homeowers. I left with no other choice since my homeowners is going to go if I stay with them because I losing my discount for multiple policies. | Apparently they don’t live up too their slogan because if they did they would not treat a neighbor like that. | I will no longer recommend State Farm as a good insurance.


  • Name: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Marietta
  • Address: 3475 Dallas Highway Suite 520
  • Phone: 770-499-2232
  • Website:

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