State Senator Tom Patton – District 24 Ohio Cleveland Ohio


Complaint: Tom Patton is the Senate Majority Floor Leader for the 130th General Assembly, but he knows little to no medicine or medical terminology – so don’t expect a State Medical Board reform bill though it is long over due in Ohio. Ohio has the most abusive Medical Board in the US; #1 for physician suspensions & disciplines = Ohio has the worst physicians or the most fraud at the State Medical Board. Take your pick it isn’t good either way. Women MDs are told to have ‘aequanimitas’ for male misbehavior and personal habits, or lose their medical licenses with no patient complaints. Having survived Medical School & residency, women MDs don’t survive the Ohio Medical Board. What are Dr. Nice personal habits anyways = not a medical term? There is no external Review of cases at the State Medical Board of Ohio, or none that Tom Patton will order, and the Ohio Court of Appeals can’t get the files to hear the cases. The Executive Directors of the State Medical Board of Ohio are the most immature, jerky lawyers on the planet – they have no ability to do a FINANCIAL REPORT, or job experience outside of going after physicians for nonsense. Where has Richard Whitehouse Esq been hired since he resigned? Can he get a job after putting so many physicians out-of-a-job for nothing more than saying ‘No’ to Dr. Nice. The Interim Director Kimberly Anderson, has run some of the most expensive, abusive, and personally vindictive evaluations on physicians ever imagined – dating histories are discussed in physician cases – do women have enough male experience to have medical licenses? If the experiences mean sex, how can a woman keep a medical license in Ohio – the men are just unappealingly awful? Currently there is no Executive Director – no one wants the job to clean up the mess. Tom Patton attended Cleveland State – no one says that he graduated. And if you speak with him only briefly, it’s obvious that he has no grip on Medical anything – the date from hell in college. Yet he is District 24’s go-to-guy. Can’t even handle a woman MD for coffee. Women MDs are especially targeted by the present Ohio State Medical Board – for nothing more than objecting to the wrong care done to themselves, ie care that should not be going on anywhere. The ‘confidential’ physician complaint system allows huge abuses. But you can only get Tom Patton on the phone for 10 minutes, and then the ‘burner’ phone is dead-ended. What is Tom Patton afraid of? That he might learn something? Can he even talk with a woman MD? It’s like an episode of television, without the entertainment value. Could we please have some reforms at the State Medical Board of Ohio? But you know Tom Patton, if no one can get you on the phone – there’s no chance of Medical Board reforms.

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Address: Senate Building,1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor Columbus, Ohio United States of America


Phone: (614) 466-8056

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