State v. Sawyer

[Cite as State v. Sawyer, 2020-Ohio-6980.] IN THE COURT OF APPEALS OF OHIO SIXTH APPELLATE DISTRICT LUCAS COUNTY State of Ohio Court of Appeals No. L-19-1198 Appellee Trial Court No. CR0201901823 v. Ryan Sawyer DECISION AND JUDGMENT Appellant Decided: December 30, 2020 ***** Julia R. Bates, Lucas County Prosecuting Attorney, and Lauren Carpenter, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, for appellee. Dan M. Weiss, for appellant. ***** MAYLE, J. ∂ 1 Defendant-appellant, Ryan Sawyer, appeals the September 4, 2019 judgment of the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, convicting him of endangering children and sentencing him to a non-life indefinite prison term of a minimum of six years and a maximum of nine years. For the following reasons, we affirm the trial court judgment. I. Background ∂ 2 On July 31, 2019, Ryan Sawyer entered a plea of no contest to one count of endangering children, a violation of R.C. 2919.22(B)(1), (E)(1), and (E)(2), a second- degree felony. The state summarized the facts that it would have proven beyond a reasonable doubt had the matter proceeded to trial. It stated: * * * Ryan Sawyer, on or about the 30th day of April, 2019, in Lucas County, Ohio, did recklessly to a child under the age of 18 abuse the child and the violation resulted in serious physical harm to the child thatís involved. More specifically, Your Honor, State witnesses would have testified to the following: On April 30th, 2019, Toledo Police responded to * * * Raymer Street, here in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. The caller, [A.O.] stated that her boyfriend, Ryan Sawyer, assaulted her two-year-old son with the initials RK. [A.O.] stated that she put her son to bed at approximately 8:00 p.m. the night before. She then woke in the early morning hours and found Ryan Sawyer holding her son. She would have further testified that she observed RK to be cold, shaking, bleeding from his head. When [A.O.] questioned Mr. Sawyer about the injuries and stated she was calling the police, Mr. Sawyer fled the location. He was apprehended a short time later by Toledo Police and he still had the childís blood on his hands. 2. The child was immediately taken to St. Charles Hospital. It was determined his injuries were too serious for St. Charles and he was transferred to St. Vincentís Hospital by way of ambulance. The child was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit and stayed for a period of three days due to a possible brain bleed, skull fracture, and damage to his liver. Medical records and photos would have shown the following injuries: A skull fracture, bruising to the face and head, bleeding on the back of his head, bruising on his back, notably a bruise in the shape of a hand print, and bruising on his thighs. During an interview with the Detective Jeff Sharp of the Toledo Police Department, Sawyer signed a waiver of rights. After initially stating that he did not know how the child got his injuries, he …

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