Gunworld Modesto California Review


I order a statue from this online web site called Statue Toys. It stated it would chrarge me only 10% to order the statue and the rest would be charged, when the statue shipped. The Statue was chargein full in 2 days after placing the order. This order was done last Nov. I have not received the statue. The Seller has several bad addresses and phone numbers. He starts in Philly PA. the phone umber is discounted and the address comes back to a apartment complex. They list another address in Memphis TN. at 246 Court Ave. Memphis TN. 38103-2316. The Phone number listed is a Texas phone number, which is on a anwering machine where you can’t leave a message . They do not respond to emails. I have reported this company to the FBI Internet Fraud DIV. Don’t buy or deal with this company. nStatue-mannModesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.

246 Court Ave. Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A.


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