Stay Wild Organics Review


On 6/2/18 I purchased 3 products from the internet website, Stay Wild Organics (SWO), after seeing several pins of this company on the popular internet website, Pinterest. SWO, a company reportedly specializing in organic skincare, offers an array of organic skincare products. On 6/24/18 I reached out to SWO about the status my order given there had been no response. On 6/25/18, Nikki Gee, SWO representative, responded with a USPS tracking #, #9400110200864050699934. However, the status associated with this # has always read, “Pre-Shipment”. On 7/10/18, I inquired about this by sending an email to Nikki Gee, SWO representative, asking for a status update. I also sent a follow-up email on 7/11/18 to the SWO general email box at [email protected] just in case Nikki Gee no longer worked at SWO. With no response, I sent a subsequent email on 7/20/18 requesting cancellation/refund since there had been no movement on this order, order #5013. Since I had not heard from anyone, I reached out again to SWO on 7/29/18 requesting the status on my request to cancel order no. 5013. To date, there has been no response but after investigating the matter I discovered that I was not the only victim. I then reached out to the website, Pinterest on 7/30/18, where SWO openly advertises,alerting them of the scam/false advertisement and incident involving SWO. I also reached out to the Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant and the National Consumer League’s Fraud Center where I filed complaints and shared my story.

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