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Complaint: After looking for an upgraded exhaust system for my car, I decided to make a purchase through Dan at Stebro. I had questions about the system, so I called Stebro to place this order, but nobody answered… idstead I left a VM. Dan called me back, answered my questions, and I placed my order for a $1400 system. Dan asked that I don’t use my credit card for the order, as it was a slim deal for him and he’d rather not pay the CC fee. He e mailed me wiring instructions and i sent the money. As I write this, I can’t beleive what a stupid move that was. Dan told me the delivery time was 5 days. That was on the 9th. I still hadn’t received my order on the 18th. I sent Dan an e mail (because he doesn’t answer the phone) to let him know, and I asked him for a tracking number. He responded that he’d send it on Monday (the 18th was Friday). On the 21st (Monday) I sent Dan another e mail… “Are you able to provide a tracking number.”” Dan sent me a response that everything was shut down

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Address: even their currier. On the 22nd (Tuesday) “”Can you provide a tracking number

Website: but I honestly do think he cares. It seems to be the way he chooses to do business. I again asked for the name of the shipper and a tracking number

Phone: please?”” Dan’s response was “”Delivery will be on Friday in the am. I think he’s making this up at this point. But I’ll wait until Friday to see. Over the course of the next few days I started researching Dan and his company. I found 50+ forum posts warning prospective consumers of what I’m going through right now. I’m getting worried. Friday the 25th – The delivery was to arrive in the am

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