Stefanie Hope Morganlander – Deland, Florida Florida


Stefanie goes by Steffie Hope. She is originally from Arizona. She recently moved to Deland, Florida to get away from the mess she caused back home. She likes to ruin police families. She will have sex with any police officer, any type of volunteer work possible at any police department she will weasle her way in. She then acts like she doesn’t want drama. She is all about it. Stefanie will have sex with anything with a penis. She is known to destroy families and much more. My best friend whose husband has been a police officer for 5 years, she ended up getting a hold of him on social media and it escalated from there. Stefanie Said she’s friends with all the police officers at the department and they flirt with her, she doesn’t even work there. Please be careful of this badge bunny Homewrecking whore. It won’t be long for her to move again. Don’t let her destroy your family like she did my friend. You have been warned.

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