Steffanie Peters – Columbus, Ohio Ohio


This one is a keeper! While still married she started an affair with a man who had been with his longtime girlfriend for nine years. They have two children together. This whore pushed him to end his relationship, kick his now ex out of their home, so she could move herself and her two kids in. But she doesn’t feel bad, in fact, neither does he, because even though he was still in a relationship, he felt it was already over.Only problem, he never told his girlfriend. So instead he lied to her, said he was going out drinking, but was spending time with Steffanie and her kids instead of his own. Steffanie, in the meantime. pushed to move into the house and have him end things because…her lease was almost up. This is someone who is dumb and desperate and a floozy with no qualms about hurting innocent children and tearing families apart. The epitome of trash.

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