Stella Romero – Dallas, Texas Texas


While Stella’s husband was deployed she slept around. I didn’t know she was married I was 18 she was 27, we met on an app to hook and that’s what we did. We hooked up for one night and I never spoke to her again. Until about 4 years later when she contacted me. I had forgotten who she was and not too sure how she even found me because I had a different number. She called to tell me I was being served with a DNA test because she had a baby 4 years ago and was trying to get child support. I said I was not going to do a DNA test because obviously the baby couldn’t have been mine we had only had sex that one night and she told me she couldn’t get pregnant, she told me about 4 other men were also being served a DNA test. Apparently as the baby got older her husband began to question if the baby was his since she didn’t look like him. Her husbands name was on the child birth certificate as well as his last name because she told him the baby was his, of course. Her husband ended up leaving her after finding out he was not the father. The child ended up being mine and she had the nerve to hit me with 4 years of back child support. That was about 20,000 I owe to her on top of child support. She gets about 1,000 from me every month because she is a slut. I don’t even know how the state came up with that number because at the time I was only making $12/hr and had just started that job. I am a good man. I would have help her if she would have told me she was pregnant with MY daughter in the first place. I asked her why she didn’t tell me she was pregnant is when she told me she was married at the time. Now my credit score dropped tremendously, I cannot leave the state or country I cannot get a fishing licence I don’t even have a relationship with my daughter. She will not let me see my daughter. My daughter is 6 now and I have only seen her once. I have tried to report her but they said it takes years to look into the matter after having reported her several times. I don’t mind paying child support but the back pay is killing me I barley can afford to live. I have a better job now but EVERY pay check about half of it goes to the state and to her. I have my own family now to support and this is not fair. Like I said I don’t mind paying the child support, it’s the back pay that is killing me. She will not drop it because she is greedy. In court when they told her how much the back pay was she busted out into a fake cry and said how hard these past couple of years have been for her. Even though she was married. My family has seen her post on Facebook about the expensive cloths and purses she buys herself and having lasik etc while I see pictures of my daughter in cloths that look too small for her. Just recently this greedy piece of low life had the nerve to raise the child support. When I called to ask her why she will not remove the back pay she couldn’t even answer. I asked was it because she loved the money or because of her daughter. A simple question that she should have answered because of her daughter she didn’t and just hung up on me. She will not even let me give up my rights as a father because she loves the money. If any of you ladies want to be a slut come to Texas. Texas will always favor the mother no matter what.

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