Stepanek’s Auto Sales & Services Review


I’ve been dealing with Stepanek’s Auto Sales since Dec. 2015. I thought these people where helpful and understanding. If I was short one week, I would make payment arrangements not knowing that my interest was going up every time if I was a day late. When I needed an oil change they charged me 20.00, I noticed my light would still be on. One time I took my car back and Patrick the service guy (I don’t know his title) stated that the service guy that worked on my car was fired due to him not doing his work correctly. I started to raise my eyebrow then.. January 12th, 2017 I took my vehicle for an oil change which was on a Thursday Morning. That Friday Morning I had to go yo Orlando for a business trip with my job. On my way to the conference my car transmission completely went out. I immediately called STEPANEK’s and told them what just happened. Patrick the service guy told me to get it back the best way I knew how and he indicated that his workers are the best and it was just a coincidence that my car messed up. Thank God I had AAA Plus. Otherwise my car would’ve been stuck in Orlando or I would’ve paid a tremendous amount of Money to give it back to Vero Beach. That Monday I told them I didn’t want to deal with them because of the lies. I actually talked to the owner face to face and he stated that he will not put it on my credit due to the Transmission. That was lie. Always get things in writing or record it. | John STEPANEK is a con artist, his financial Manager is A Scam artist and his Service Manager is an old waste. The company is a waste and so are they’re workers. I had my legal advisor come with me to get my car back only to have find out it was voluntarily repossession. I got the car back and my legal advisor told me to pay my car note on time due to me owing 200.00+ my 90.00 a week payment. Come to find out the “I thought they were helping me” went from they didn’t tell me” I realized I had to pay my money on my due day on time, not a day, early not a day late and that’s exactly. Today, I had been going through I financial bind and instead of the 90+25, I could only pay my car note, which is the 90. Mind you, the additional 25 a week is due to the transmission that I did not agree to sign the papers, yet now I knew what I was dealing with if I didn’t pay the 25. I wanted to take them to small claims court, yet instead I said no, they will get there’s. Every week I called Stepanek’s with my card on their file they ask me would I like to pay the 90 or 115. Today I told the guy I can only pay 90, he stated he would have to get this approved so by then I was like REALLY? SO, this particular NEW guy stated he got it approved and I stated that why would you get approved and you guys always give the choice to pay the two. The guys gets snappy with me on the phone and told him to EFF off and pill the 90 out of bank account and hung up. He decides to give me a call back and tried to sya his choice words and I told him we have nothing to talk about if you already did the transaction, by them Stepanek’s called me 7 times and threatens me saying if I don’t have the 25 dollars before 6:00p.m. today something is going to happen. By now I’m kissed and yelling what in the hell are you going to do when I pay my weekly payment faithfully? They hung up, so by then I called the police to make a report or give me some advise. The police told me that it is a civil issue that really needs to be handle. I’m reporting this to help anyone out and lawyers are free to call me with advise and a cost. My first car I ever bought I paid over 6000.00 on this car with a year in a half left. This is the worst company I ever had to deal with. They take advantage of the one’s that have poor credit. They don’t help you with your credits THEY ARE SCAMS.


  • Name: Stepanek’s Auto Sales & Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Vero Beach
  • Address: 1250 9th St SW
  • Phone: (772) 567-0023
  • Website:

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