Stephanie Cavrudatz – Miami, Florida Florida


This Homewrecker Stephanie Cavrudatz currently resides in Florida, but that won’t stop her from hopping on a plane to have multiple affairs with your husband. I first discovered this behavior when two of my three kids mentioned meeting her and how she told her that she “came all the way from Florida to see Daddy”. Who does that? Who is that desperate that they take a plane to go interrupt a marriage and the lives of not one, not two, but THREE children. Her selfish antics don’t bother me, but they deeply hurt my children and that is unforgivable. I’ve tried having a conversation with her via phone call, text, FB, IG, and she doesn’t have the descency to respond yet she paid my husband’s cell phone bill to keep sending her naked pictures to him. So no morals, and no class. If you’re going to sleep with someone’s husband than at least woman up and own it instead of ignoring all communication.

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