Stephanie D. Lang – Jacksonville, Florida Florida


Thank you for giving me allitle relief from this nightmare they call Infidelity. My husband of 20 years has been acting differently. I was able to find out his phone Password and uncover my living hell.He spoke of there sexual relations, He spoke of when there getting together again, He spoke of the plan to move out the following week while I was out if town, He spoke of Loving Her. When I confronted him he denied it until I told him I went into his phone. He apologized, he told me she said she was unhappy WTF is this how you handle that situation. He said he wants me not her…. He says it was just a Fantasy World he was living in…. He said he will renew our Vows… He said I can place GPS on his phone….He started marriage therapy. I am not sure what I’m going to do at this point I am for sure going to get my Finances in order, speak with an Attorney go to therapy and start for once concentrate on myself. You cant give 100 percent of yourself to some body because if the day comes I pray it doesn’t, you unlock this hell you have nothing left I Am So Broken….Thanks Stephanie.

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