Stephanie Diaz – Pheonix, Arizona Arizona


This is Stephanie Diaz who also goes by Rachel Garcia on Facebook. This woman knew that my cheating  fiancé was clearly in a relationship with me but yet chose to continue to pursue him and send him nude pictures and videos through social media. I found out about this infidelity by looking through my significant others phone while he was asleep. He forgot to delete his Snapchat app, he had been using it behind my back and then would delete the app when I was around. This woman is 35 years old with seven kids, no job, and no car. After this incident I got my baby’s father to pretend to flirt with her to see just how easy she was and to no surprise it worked. On her Snapchat messages to my significant other she clearly identifies herself as the side piece which still blows my mind because what respectable woman is ok with being a side piece???? And when I got my baby’s dad to pretend to flirt with her he clearly told her he was married but she didn’t care one bit. I don’t just blame this woman I blame both my significant other and her but I want to have her exposed before she tries to get in the way of anyone else’s relationship. She’s in Phoenix, Arizona and my significant other is in Colorado Springs so distance means nothing to cheaters and liars. Feel free to look her up on Facebook under the name Garcia Rachel

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