Stephanie Hierro – Wylie, Texas Texas


This girl started sleeping with my best friend’s husband sometime around 2011/2012 and even attended a family funeral around this man’s family and his wife. She’s a pretty bold whore/side chic. She then went after the first Guy’s cousin because she’s a dick fiend and that’s what they do. She’s been married to a man named Jay Hierro for about 14 years. She told my friend via texts that she hates her husband and is divorcing him. But online social media accounts she posts doting loving posts about him even though she’s telling the men she’s fucking that she hates her husband. What a piece of work! She should be institutionalized. To make matters worse she has two kids who supposedly belong to her husband but with her track record who knows. She stops at nothing to reach out to these married men including making fake profiles on social media to message these men. I know of several who’ve had to block numerous accounts of hers because she’s not only a homewrecker she’s also a stalker! Her husband told my friend she has herpes. Watch out for this one! She’s a nasty one!

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