Stephanie Marie Kane – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Stephanie Marie Kane grew up right next door. She has known my family her whole life. I bought my house, got married, and had children. She watched my boys grow up. My husband got hooked on pills after an accident and she started sucking his d**k for them. God only knows what else the bootlegged, balding, toothless, no-necked wh*re did to get them… besides probably take some from the doctor that she works for. So, now she and my husband live together with his brother snorting pills all day long while my youngest son and I get to see her daily visiting her family while my husband waits at his brothers for her because of his embarrassment of choosing such a low life after 25 years. Maybe one day she’ll watch him overdose and die like she did to her first husband. Here’s her mugshot! Enjoy!

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