Stephanie Meno – McAlester, Oklahoma Oklahoma


You call yourself a woman. The woman I know don’t sleep with a married man and send nude nasty pics of yourself with your finger in your nasty twot. You broke my home up and now I’m gonna brake you down. There won’t be a place you can go in any state or town that wont know your face or name. You slept with the wrong husband this time missy.. Joseph Bess aka Jody Bess has no clue of how you really are but he will in time. Ladies if you have a man that works at Osp you better watch out for this nasty bi**h. She took my grand kids pawpaw away from them and all they do is cry for him. But you wait your and his is coming in the end and I will get the last laugh. You f###ed with the wrong husband this time. You been divorced 2 time’s now because all you did was sleep around on your husbands and got away with it. Well not this time. And I know you are thinking bout quitting your job because your ashamed of yourself because bout near all your co works got that nasty nude pictuer of you that you sent to my husband. And you should be a shamed. So well ladys here she is.. And a few more pictures too. Ps if one these pictures isn’t aloud please let me know and I will remove it. I just want everyone to see what was sent to me from my husbands facebook messenger..

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