Steve Kassel Birmingham Alabama Review


We were at a loss when I contacted Steve Kassel. We owed about $70K to the IRS due to bad financial planning on our part. He said he’d help us for $4000. We scraped it together, sent it to him, and were told under no circumstances should we contact the IRS. Months went by, notices from the IRS kept coming. No response from Steve except, “I’ve got it under control.”” Then one day

the IRS cleaned out our bank accounts. Steve would not reply to calls or email. My wife called the IRS

and they were actually very helpful in working out a payment plan. But still no contact from Steve. I started digging and found a business partner of his he works with in Las Vegas who was supposedly working on our case with Steve. The man said nobody at eTaxes had done anything on our behalf–he was apologetic

but said the ball had been in Kassel’s court all along. Then I did some more digging and found Steve had used this scam on many people. Finally

when Steve caught wind of my digging around and contacting his partners in crime and his competitors

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