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Steve Maconi (Brandywine Oak Private Wealth) cares more about your skin color than your competence

I used to work for Steve Maconi before all of this occurred. I had joined his company as an intern and used to assist him in handling files and stuff. I thought it was a great opportunity to work under a major financial advisor like him, but I later realized that he is a deranged racist bigot who looks down on minorities and hates their existence. He calls them obscenities and because he’s powerful, no one dares to raise a voice against this. 

Steve Maconi had called me a ‘N*****r’ when I used to work under him. I had let it go the first time but I was deeply hurt. Later on, when he called me by that racist term again, I realized that even though he is successful professionally, he lacks any empathy for others and is mentally depraved. I left his company after these incidents. 

I wasn’t able to do anything about these events because his lawyers harassed me multiple times a day. I have spent sleepless nights due to his constant harassment. But I’ve had enough.

I’m sharing my painful experiences with this RACIST PIECE OF CRAP so you can see how depraved he really is.

A little background

I was going to leave this section out but I believe some people wouldn’t know who Steve Maconi is and why/how he is so powerful. That’s why I have added this section here. 

Steve is the Managing Director of Brandywine Oak Private Wealth. He is a founding partner at Brandywine Oak Private Wealth and he has been in the game for 35 years. As a result he has a lot of connections and deals with the most powerful people in the country (if not the world).

Because of the nature of his work, Steve is in touch with some of the most powerful people of the state. And due to that, he thinks he is untouchable. He roams freely and isn’t scared of any authority. He is immoral and deranged.

I have seen him talk to many people. As I used to carry his files, or bring him coffee, I had overheard him talking to his racist friends spewing hate. Like I said, I used to ignore this stuff because I didn’t want to lose my job. In a situation like mine, the last you want is to lose your job. And I couldn’t take that risk. 

Now that you know a little about this guy’s level of reach and power, let me tell you the series of events that lead to this post:

When I discovered Steve is a Racist

I had joined his company a couple of months ago. As I mentioned earlier, I used to work as an intern and was sure to get a job due to the level of my performance. In fact, his company had offered me an entry-level job at the end of my internship but I refused it because I couldn’t work under a bigoted racist.

I discovered Steve’s bigotry when he was talking to one of his clients. I overheard him telling his client how ‘these blacks have ruined our nation’. Yes, he said that. 

That was just the opening line, he then kept on saying numerous obscene remarks about the African-American culture and why it’s bad for our country and whatnot. And throughout this conversation, he kept saying numerous racist terms that I had never imagined a person of his stature could speak. 

Steve’s personal office doesn’t have anyone of color. And even when he has someone of color, it’d be in a lowly position. Steve hates people of other races. I realized this when I overheard him that day. 

A few days later, Steve was sharing drinks with one of his clients and I was supposed to bring him something. When I was leaving his office, I stumbled on a bag that was placed very unusually. I never got to find out what was in that bag but I remember it clearly because just when I stumbled on it, Steve whispered to his client ‘you see, these n*****rs don’t belong here’. He probably thought I didn’t hear him but I heard him clearly. 

I was shattered. I had never experienced such open discrimination. I finished my internship and when they offered me that job, I declined it. I think Steve realized that I had heard him that day because a few days after I declined that job, his lawyers started calling me. 

They would call to ‘check up on me on behalf of Steve’ but I knew what was going on. One day I got so frustrated by their calls that I told them explicitly that I won’t press any charges against that jerk! 

The constant calls I received from his lawyers and the harassment ended just recently. They wanted to be 100% assured that I won’t take any action against Steve. But I’ve had enough. 

Steve discriminates blatantly and doesn’t hesitate in using bigoted remarks for other people. Just because he’s rich and powerful, he thinks he’s above everyone else, especially people of certain race. 

Steve is a disgrace to the investment industry. I wonder how he even got this successful. I wouldn’t have shared this incident but the constant harassment done by his lawyers forced me to do this. I wanted the world to know just how RACIST Steve Maconi IS.

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