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Complaint: I have been in contact yesterday September 30 2015 and over the past few weeks with Mr Lombardi & Katy. I was contacted yesterday September 30 2015 by email from Katy. She was asking if I was still interested in purchasing a car. I wrote her back explaining I had tried to purchase a vehicle close to home and was told I would need a co signer. I told her I appreciated her time. Within 20 minutes I received a phone call from Mr Lombardi explaining I was approved and they had just been waiting for me to come. I asked him if I would not have to have a co signer. He reassured me I would not. I also asked if I would need a down payment, to which he said I would not. He insisted I make it in to the store yesterday September 30 2015 before my loan expired the next day October 1 2015. We had a few more emails about the car I had chosen by looking online and he again reassured me I would be able to purchase something similar if not what I had chosen.I made all the plans I needed and drove a hour with my children to make it that day September 30 as he had insisted was necessary. Once I got to the store I filled out the paper work and was told that I was not able to be financed with out a co signer. The sales man I worked with was Miami. He was nice but told me even after I explained everything I had spoke with Mr Lombardi about that there was nothing he was able to do for me. I strongly urge anyone to check around anywhere else. Especially if you live a distance away. My family and I were on the road for 2 hours last night, a complete waste of my time and my children’s. I plan to post my experience with Steve Rayman Chevrolet everywhere I can find in order to warn anyone else who may be in my sane situation one day. I have all emails if anyone would like to see them please email me at [email protected]

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Address: 2155 Cobb parkway southeast Marietta, Georgia USA


Phone: 7709530100

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