Steven and Jeanette Goldschmied Rancho Santa Margarita California Review


Steven Goldschmied, Jeanette Kuck Goldschmied, and their 5 children, (Boston, Colby, Alexis, Enzie and Jack), are known to be Con-Artist and SQUATTERS in the Orange County, CA and Clearfield, UT areas.n nThey move into foreclosed homes, are a constant nuisance to surrounding neighbors, (leaving neglected animals in the backyard to bark all day and night, allowing their children to abuse small animals, allowing their children to shoot pellet guns at metal targets throughout the night, piling trash in front of the home and in surrounding neighbors yards, allowing underage drinking and drugs in the home, using the garage as a bedroom, using the backyard as a trash can, late night disturbances, destroying community and private property, illegal parking, trespassing, etc.), and refuse to leave until they have to be escorted out by local sheriffs.n nWe had a nice community until the Goldschmied/Kuck family moved in and destroyed it. Their daughter Alexis Goldschmied is known to use drugs, and is currently on probation for drug possession. Alexis has been seen trespassing into neighbors backyards, and homes have been robbed for the first time in over 15 years.n nTheir son Jack Goldschmied has been seen hitting their small dogs, and shooting pellet guns in the backyard.n nThey have been reported for squatting, disturbing the peace, underage drinking, smoking pot, littering, trespassing, etc. Unfortunately, these professional con-artist are able to constantly convince police they are innocent, and the ones who are being harassed.n nFIGHT BACK! Do not rent, or do business with these people. They are scam-artist who take advantage of the system, and of others, and have absolutely no respect for peoples personal property or well being. You do not want these people in your neighborhood trust me!

182 SeaCountry Lane, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92 Clearfiled, Utah United States of America



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