Steven Nagey Review


One of the dumbest people we have ever encountered trying to rip our company off of computer equipment this idiot went into our online store and within a matter of days filed a fraud dispute claiming he didnt receive the item on january 01, 2020, new years day. He will complete a sales order, legally agree to a contract, goes back to the website completes and signs a legal contract the next day, then a week later complete another contract of the sale order, and then on the same day will contact his credit card company and file a fraud dispute. The moronic type statements he makes to his credit card company, its just rediculous that filing credit card fraud and petty larcney charges against him is 123. What makes him an absolutely lack of any brains, is we contacted this thief and confronted him on the fraud he was doing. Regardless of what question you asked this brainless idiot, he said the same 4 words over and over again. Proof enough he was trying to rip you off. Nagney is so stupid that he had no brains knowing full well he signed documents that contradicts everything he said to his own bank and stealing merchandise. Then he threatens to sue you because he’s stealing from you. What a moron!


  • Name: Steven Nagey
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Macomb
  • Address: 45211 Marquette Dr
  • Phone: 586-864-4407
  • Website:

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