Steven Wetter Attorney at Law, P.A. Review


Paid Mr Wetter almost 5 thousand dollars for his services in full including going to trail for DUI case which he did not. He did not keep contact with me after attempting to reach him multiple times later on in the case, he dropped me without notice for no response, WHEN I DID RESPOND, HE DID NOT ANSWER OR SEE ME. the time that he did make contact he lied to me, (did a motion to for removal an alcohol ankle bracelet that i never had, and i made it clear to him) made useless case managements instead of setting the case for trail like he was paid to do.HE is a scam artist and a fraud who will take your money and not do his job and try to WEASEL himself out once he has payment in full. you don’t need a person like him for these results. he also writes his own reviews to scam people into tricking THEM that is a good lawyer, that is far from the truth. | HE WAS PAID AN EXTRA $750 FOR TRAIL IN FULL WHICH HE DID NOT DO, TOTAL FRAUD.HE HAS NO MORALS ONLY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY AND STALL YOU AS LONG AS HE LEGALLY CAN. HE LIVES OF STEALING PEOPLE HARD EARNED MONEY AND LYING TO THEM IN THEIR FACE. BEFORE HE TAKES MORE OF YOUR MONEY HE WILL SAY ONE THING THEN LATER SAY SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT (I HAVE RECORDINGS), BECAUSE AT THAT POINT HE HAS ALL OF YOUR MONEY. I WILL GO TO THE BBB AND FLORIDA BAR ON HIM AS WELL. AVOID THIS PERSON, AND HIS FALSE REVIEWS HE AND HIS SECRETARY WRITE.. [continued below]….


  • Name: Steven Wetter Attorney at Law, P.A.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Myers
  • Address: 1617 Hendry St #213
  • Phone: 239-476-9531
  • Website:

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