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I purchased a Platinum License with Stores to invest the time it took to build a site. I have recently, this May 2014, begun to start a new website. Problems all around. All of the research tools in the left margin have changed. The Keyword analysis tools are still listed, but clicking on each one sends you to an “error page not found”. During Chat I was advised to do my research through Goodle Adsense. A pay to use service! Which means that the Most important features that influenced my purchase No LONGER EXIST. So WHAT did I buy? The website tutorial is no longer active. The how-to videos are no longer active. I was told that they were being worked on by programmers, but with no assurance on timeframe for the “bugs”… Yeah right. At this point I do not see how I will be able to learn how to build a website through Stores Online. So, I have lost my investment. If this is the customer service, then don’t bother buying into it. There are much better and cheaper website hosts out there.

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