STRAUSS HOMES LLC Rip-Off Artists Amy Strauss & Chet Botch Destroyed Home East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania


Complaint: Strauss Homes LLC destroyed my sister’s basement. They were hired to do work that involved excavation and swales. They did not do the swales and graded the land toward the house causing water coming through their basement windows, flooding and water damages to their finished basement and property. They lost use of finished basement, had to move my niece and infant to the upper level of the house, had loss of personal items, including loss of wages, items of sentimental value, flooring in basement–list goes on. They had other professionals in their home that had to do water restoration work that was extensive and costly to them. To make matters worse, Strauss Homes LLC had no insurance for excavation work and the claim filed was denied. Beware! Don’t hire them! There are other victims of Strauss Homes LLC. Look them up. Strauss Homes LLC owner Amy Strauss and shareholder Chet Botch, aka Chester P. Botch, took no responsibility for their poor work and the damages caused. Chet and Amy, supposedly experienced contractors, came to attend an emergency matter more than 12 hrs. after my sister called them. Chet had also come to my home to drop soil from my sister’s yard and appeared intoxicated. This is the state in which they handle business. I helped my sister do research and we found out that Chet does have criminal records, which are public records, including a history of bad checks and Theft By Decep-False Impression, with different case numbers and disposition dates–all in the state of Pennsylvania. I listened to voicemail messages that Chet Botch left making threats of bodily harm and using inappropriate language. He also made prejudice remarks about New Yorkers. It’s all recorded. My sister has extensive documents that show their poor workmanship. My sister also has information that we would have to hold confident for now, but it’s all an indication of this company’s lack of responsible business ethics. To help my sister who was so overwhelmed, I helped her locate other professionals who were fully insured and registered excavation experts. They all came to my sister’s home and in their professional opinions and estimates, they all provided written reports that indicate the poor work that Strauss Homes LLC did. Unfortunately, my sister is stuck with having to pay for corrective action required that is extensive and costly. I hope that they are able to repair these damages that Strauss Homes LLC is not willing to fix so that they can salvage their home from mold that can cause serious health hazards to the family and eventually lose their home. Chet’s and Amy’s unethical behavior, as home improvement contractors, speaks for the reputation of Strauss Homes LLC. Readers Beware!! Do your homework when you are hiring home improvement contractors. Make sure they are registered with the Attorney General–it’s the law, that they are fully insured for the the work they are doing for you, ask to see their insurance policy, ask for references, ask for ID, visit their office location, search them extensively on the internet, make sure that contracts are clear. Do not sign anything that is not in appropriate contract form. Do not give money until the contractor begins the work and make sure that you have a warranty, do not pay cash, do not pay all costs before work is completed and to your satisfaction. If you happen to become a victim, speak your mind. Dont let them intimidate you as Strauss Homes LLC has tried with my sister. But we are relentless. We are united and will do what it takes to make sure they don’t get away!!

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