Strawberry Garcinia Review


I ordered the trail bottle and was sent an immediate confirmation and my account was charged $4.99 the next day. I never received my product. After calling several times I was told that my order was delevered but I still didn’t receive it. By the 3rd call I was loosing patience with this company and asked to cancel trail membership and get my product reshipped. I was told that the shipping department would contact me to verify if the product shipped or not. A week past and no one contacted me. I finally canceled the membership before the 14 days and was told again that the shipping department world contact me about the trail shipment I never received. Still no email no accountcall back. Its been almost 2 months and now my account was charged $149.50 when I called with my bank we were hung up on 3 times! I disputed this charged and canceled my card but please don’t let this happen to you. These people are thieves and will try to charge unauthorized amounts to your card. Don’t fall for it! .

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