Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System WARNING – DANGER


Dr. Hussain and the other psychiatrist both lied straight to us about their benzos and SSRIs not being addictive or risky. Here is what they and their poisons caused our son:

Brain Damage
Suicidal and Homicidal ideation

They did NOT warn us of the risks involved and our son almost died as a result.
Why are these poisons legal?

They are legal so deceptive and dangerous doctors like Hussain can have addict ”patients” to their business model and charge hundreds of dollars per hour, so social workers can have jobs and these so called ”professionals” can make a living at your child’s expense.

These drugs are mostly illegal in other countries and NOT allowed to be advertised to the public as they sever your neurons and cause one to eventually have a ”chemical lobotomy” resulting in the above symptoms along with badly impaired judgment and decision making and lack of ability to control emotions.

All this profit-driven behavior and reckless prescribing of these poisons is so they can addict you to their business model and keep the money coming in. Psychiatry is NOT real medicine like other branches of medicine but rather junk science.

Wake up and wean yourselves off of this madness, which is the main reason for the mass-shootings in our country and other problems, like high prison populations. Sick, sick, sick!!!

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