Subway North Port Florida


Complaint: Rude and greedy manager forgets who is the customer. Treats me as if I’m getting a free sandwich and tells me to complain to call Subway. A frequent customer at this specific location, I was quite surprised at the change of service. For many months I’ve been purchasing their sandwiches with lots of jalapenos because I like spicy food. The friendly employees (half of them quit) never once complained about me getting too many jalapenos. Then an obese girl who has a negative attitude and listens to rap music was hired. As the owner was working the register one day, the obese girl mentioned charging me extra. How could the owner decline? After all, he was getting money for it, so the idea got accepted and news spread to the manager who made it her personal mission. She made sure that all the employees will be charging ME for all the extra jalapenos. There was no sign made or official policy enforced. The only person I was ever told will be charged for them is me. Next time the owner was working, he even gave a hint to a person working the register to charge me extra. If this had true reason behind it, why are they trying to hide it? So after a few days, I asked the manager about this and all I got was this “I don’t care

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Address: call to Subway and complain all you want”” attitude. Way to treat a frequent customer. So I called and filed a complaint

Website: and tells me I can only have 6 when I ask for a little bit more. So then the manager comes out and after arguing some more she says “”ok

Phone: which the manager claims she never received. If you go to Subway’s website it clearly states that vegetables do not cost extra

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