Summer Durham – Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky


This is summer Durham, she knew my husband was married ( she’s his ex boss niece ) but she slept with him anyway, she needed her car fixed and she slept with my husband to fix her car! After I confronted her she denied it over and over, kept dodging me and my questions. They continue to see each other and call/text each other. She’s a no good mother who let her ex boyfriend ( who she was supposedly married to) and who is also on the Kentucky sex offender registry stay in her home around her children. She was too worried about a baby sitter until her man got out of prison for sex with a minor! She claims she’s happy with her boyfriend of 11 years and their 4 kids by if she was so happy she never would have spelt with my Husband of 5 years to have her car fixed. She also snorts pain pills and was trying to force my husband to do them with her. I’m so sorry to anyone else who has had to deal with this woman wrecking Their homes, and didn’t have the courage to put her on blast, that’s the thing about me I’m not afraid!!! Hide your husbands and kids ladies or this no good mother will come after them!!!

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