Summer O’Neal – Monroe, Georgia Georgia


Summer O’Neal is most widely known for being sociopathic and selfish. Most of her family does not even interact with her because they hate her attitude and conniving way of living (her sister KK is the only one who is still allowed in her life). She queezes every dime out of her daughter’s father and if she does not get what she wants, she threatens to move out of state with the kid or sue the father. She tries to fool people and acts like she is a full time awesome hair stylist/colorist, but in reality she does hair shows 1ce, maybe 2ce a year if she sucks the right d. Summer strips 3 days a week and thinks she hides it from everyone. She does not know that her own 13 year old daughter knows that she works as a naked dancer at a strip club, because her father told her. how do I know all this? The father was my boyfriend. Summer has had sex with him multiple times while him and I were together. She knew that we were together; it was no secret. 2 years in love with this man and she contributed to ruining it. Believe me or don’t, but heads up, you will never be able to get her out of your life once you get involved. P.S. Her voice sounds like a man.

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