Sun Radiology Review


Dr. Sra and Dr. Latif are absolute corrupt individuals! My practice rented a portion of the office to them so they could perform brachytherapy to patients. They did not call patients back, they did not answer questions and did not follow up if complications occurred. When they were not successful they decided to just stop paying their rent even though they were under contract. They owe my practice $7000 in rent not paid! My practice filed a small claims lawsuit against them in an attempt to get a portion of the money owed. Once they were served with the suit they contacted my office claiming they could not afford to pay the $4000 and would we accept the money in payments. Within days they filed bankruptcy! Unbelievable! These two jerks strung us along and played us the entire time. Avoid this business like the plague! I have filed a scam complaint against them on the BBB and it is my full intention to get them shut down!


  • Name: Sun Radiology
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Peoria
  • Address: 13090 N. 94th drive #103
  • Phone: 623-815-8200
  • Website:

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