SungEel MCC Americas: Avoid!


SungEel’s president, Danish Mir‘s statements are vague and quite possibly erroneous. Of course he will be encouraging people to keep an open mind about keeping around the Lithium Ion battery recycling operation they’ll be conducting. He’s a direct beneficiary of it. The only assurance that we will not get any of those impurities coming from that facility is if they cease and move out far from Endicott for good.

I do not know how or why it got approved to begin with. Just a few feet West across their location are some houses. Not only this should be a Zoning issue. The bigger picture is the health and safety issue this company bought to our doorstep. I feel strongly against having this plant close my place and community. Most citizens are already openly speaking against this but our pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.  This is truly unacceptable.

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